YUWA TV deals in Smart LED TV of different sizes and believes in delivering the best products to their Customers. To serve you best we provide an after sales installation service where our service engineer will come to your place and install your TV. 

To give you benefits of the warranty it is necessary that once your TV set reaches your place do not unbox it yourself. It is recommended that until our service engineer arrives at your place and installs it where you want you should avoid unboxing the TV yourself. If packaging of the TV is found tampered with or inappropriate (excluding wear and tear during delivery) then in this case you will be exempted from the benefits of warranty and will no longer avail the benefits of Warranty.

Our Service Engineer will install your TV without having to pay any extra charges.



In case within one year of purchasing your smart LED TV, till the time your TV is in warranty period, the company guarantees you full service support needed if there arises any technical issue. Such technical issues will cover hardware related malfunctioning or software glitches within the Smart LED TV. In case the TV is found to have major technical issues and is confirmed from our service engineer then the entire product will be replaced. 

You are informed hereby that any major technical issue arising due to reasons that involve tampering with the product, servicing done from third party vendors or mishandling of the product will lead to end of warranty terms and customer contacting us later shall not be able to avail any of the benefits covered within the warranty period.