About YuwaTV


YUWA is the new electronics brand powered by Nitco Technology to bring more colour and power to your Home Entertainment. We are a made-in-India brand which manufactures and sells the best Smart TV that fits every Indian budget range. With the help of cutting-edge visual and acoustic technology, YUWA is now prepared to enthral the next generation of viewers. We claim to give a profoundly immersive watching experience while extending the television colour range and delivering superb, lifelike image quality.

We aim to enhance the impact of every thrill and adventure on-screen, keeping the quality on top. The televisions features a premium bezel-less screen that runs Android 9.0. Ultra-sleek and minimalistic designs make our LED TVs super user-friendly with unbeatable prices to give you the full picture. Coming to the technological features, YUWA presents you with 4K HDR screens that give the user a wide dynamic range. Experience clear, lively picture quality, revealing the picture’s depth better than ever before. YUWA LED TV Manufacturers in Delhi NCR to have YouTube, Hotstar, and ZEE5 incorporated into their built-in Android 9.0 operating system. The Play Store provides millions of apps for download, along with Movies, games and E-books. The vision is simple- To make India on the global map as the leading smart led tv manufacturer and seller!


High Definition Video's

Nitco Technology

It was the era when no smart TVs or even Colour TVs were around. People rarely Have TVs in their homes. Black & white TVs were popular but pricy. Mr Raj Kumar founded Nitco Technology in the year 1997. Keeping all these in mind, NITCO created and Introduced its first Cathode Ray Tube television Moulding products in the Indian market. In 2004, Nitco started manufacturing coloured TV body parts. The company’s philosophy is Customer is always first. Technology Innovation is the way forward in TVs and every aspect of life.

The first assembled TV by Nitco Technology, was launched in 2014 under the brand name “YUWA” in Noida and was an immense success. And the company started to manufacture LED TVs and set up their first official production plant in Noida.

Now, we manufacture and sell affordable Smart TVs in all regional markets of India. Our managing director Mr Raj Kumar took this initiative responsibly to bring this most affordable and innovative product to every corner of India.

Yuwa TVs give a vibrant watching experience and add more colour and power to your home experience. The objective is not just to enhance your TV viewing experience but to beautify the aesthetic of your living room. We understand Indian customers, and we feel that it is our duty to offer our local markets a premium-built Smart TV that matches the budget, taste, and size needs, among other aspects, with various technologies and modernised design.